Sree Sakthi Yoga was founded by Yogi Ram from Tamil Nadu, India. He came to the United States with a mission to bring an authentic yoga practice created with blessings of his Maha Guru – Sri Siddhar Bhoganathar who is also one of 18 famous Siddhars of South India.

The practice was simplified, modified with main essence extracted from Siddhar Science which came from Vedas in a form of eight limb yoga called Astanga. Astanga yoga consists of eight limbs which are Yamas, Niyamas, ĀsanaPrānāyāmaPratyāhāra,
DhāraṇāDhyāna and Samādhi.

Yogi Ram simplified those eight limbs into three concepts, so every person even from Western world could practice and experience what Siddhars were doing for thousands of years.

The Siddhar in Tamil tradition is a perfected individual, who has attained spiritual powers named siddhi. Their one of the objectives may be to experience the Sivam (the supreme God) in their respective human frame.

From Ordinary Beginning to Infinite Journey

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