The testimonials below are individual experiences that happened during the course of their “yoga learning” or “yoga therapy” sessions.
The actual results may vary from person to person, and results also depend upon various other factors.
Yoga and yoga therapy is pure science from ancient scriptures of India.
Therefore, Sree Sakthi Yoga cannot guarantee any particular result, and is not liable for any guaranteed results whatsoever.



Prenatal Yoga


It is my pleasure to give you the testimony of how prenatal yoga helped me during pregnancy and delivery. First of all let me confess that I did not practice it every day as you had asked me to. With full time work, I was always short of time, but I did practice few postures here and there and mostly pranayama at home.

On my friends recommendation, I came to you for prenatal yoga class once a week since when I was about 3 months pregnant. I practiced yoga once a week at home afterwords. I did not have lower back pain at all which I think pretty common in third trimester. I had sciatica pain once or twice and after I started doing one of the asana you gave me, it went away in a couple of days and never came back. Overall my pregnancy was very healthy without any issues like gestational diabetes, or hight blood pressure until towards end (10 days before due) I developed preeclampsia, a high blood pressure condition.


My blood pressure was on a higher side for two consecutive days and my doctor advised me to schedule c-section to take the baby out. She told me that it usually happens towards the end in some women. When mother has high blood pressure, the baby does not get enough oxygen and it complicates delivery so its best for both of us to perform cesarian in a couple of days and take the baby out. Following this, I immediately consulted you and you recommended that I practice glotis control pranayama technique multiple times a day to increase the oxygen flow to uterus. And surprizingly in next 2 days my blood pressure came back in normal range. Even my doctor was surprized to see this. Her remark – “Whatever it was, seems like it went away.” I know most of the medical professionals don’t believe in yoga and pranayam techniques and most of the times when it helps they think that it may be either a placebo effect or something else helped it. However experiecing it first hand, I truly believe that it was pranayam technique you taught that helped me.


4 days later I had contractions naturally and I delivered my first baby with 18 hours of labor and 40 minutes of pushing. I did not take epidural or any pain killer medicines as I was always against them. My friends had told me that pushing is very hard and you don’t have energy left after long labor so its smart to take the epidural, but in my case I was still energetic and I could have pushed two more babies out! 🙂 I constantly kept doing glotis control pranayam during the labor. Throughout the delivery my blood pressure stayed normal. Because of not taking epidural, I could sense when the contraction began and when it was time to push even before the monitor they had me connected to showed any sign of contraction beginning. This way my pushing was very effective and I could get most out of each contraction to get the baby out faster. I mentioned this to my doctor and she agreed that there is always a lag between the start of actual contraction and machine noting it and presenting a signal on the monitor. Coming from Electronics Engineering background, I believed this lag should have been a few milliseconds… but to my surprise, this lag was about 5 seconds.


Unfortunately 3 weeks after delivery, I had urinary tract infection which was misdiagnosed by my doctor and the infection spread to both of my kidneys and blood. It caused my right lung to collapse, resulting in pneumonia. I had 106.5 fever when I was admitted to Emergency Room. They kept me at the hospital for 6 days to treat the infection. You can imagine how my body must be feeling after delivery, sleep deprivation due to breastfeeding a young infant and then having such a sever infection! I also got really bad knee pain.


I couldn’t practice yoga at home or come to you until after 3 months post delivery. After I joined yoga again, within 6 weeks I gradually started feeling much better overall. My breathing came back to normal (I had started breathing shallower during this time). My knee pain gradually diminished. One thing I regret is not practicing Ashwini Mudra enough as you had recommended. I did not get bladder control back for 3-4 months after delivery.


To summarize, Yoga & Pranayama techniques you taught me turned out to be much more powerful than I had ever imagined.


Thanks & Regards,



Over the years I have tried various styles of yoga and meditation. When I began classes with Yogi Ram, I stopped trying so hard and it all came together.  I simply started doing the practice. My first class felt awkward, but I was intrigued. As I began to synchronize my breathing with the subtle twist movements I began to feel a sense of peace and relaxation.  Pranayama brought deeper dimension to the practice. As a marketing executive in a very stressful environment, people began to see a change in me. My practice has become a protective shield to the negativity and chaos around me. I have been consistent with it and it just gets better. Yogi Ram is a wise man with a gentle teaching style.  I don’t believe there is anything out there quite like it.


Sandy Babin
Vice President of Marketing
Apple Vacations
101 Northwest Point Blvd.
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


Authentic Indian Yoga with Yogi Ram helps me to overcome my numerous health problems. If i don’t practice for a few days i can feel the old blockages coming back (back pain, stiff neck…and the like.). Unfortunately this is the reality we all live in today, constant stress and pressure,always in a rush. Not to mention the food we eat. I have received invaluable suggestions on food, diet and nutrition from Yogi Ram as well, for which I’m very grateful.


There are many things that can be said on yoga topic and in particular Yogi Ram’s yoga, but as my aikido teacher likes to say “Talk is cheap! Show me!” So the right way to choose is to try and feel it. If after the practice your body is relaxed and your mind is calm go for it. There are countless different styles of yoga out there now. Your body and intuition will show you the right one for you. I have found mine.





I started taking yoga to stretch my back and hips since these areas in my body are very tight and I am prone to injuries. Yogi Ram’s MDS movements helped me a lot.  The practice is exceptionally smooth, easy to follow, and non-injurious to my body. I go home feeling strong, stretched, and energized.


Ana M. Trbojevich
Spanish in Action, Buffalo Grove


My daughter and I met Yogi Ram in his very first Family Yoga class in the US.
He had just changed his life, so we could change ours.
Because of this change, I’ve been with him ever since.
And because I care to get pure, accurate and real view and guidance in Yoga.
I love his approach as it is the closest I’ve seen to the genuine traditions as described in the scriptures. Simple, straightforward, tuned to my own capabilities and needs.
I am a long time Tai Chi practitioner and what I noticed in the last year is this jump in my Tai Chi and meditation practice. Things I’ve been only reading about before happened to me!
The only explanation I can find is the effect of Yogi Ram’s teaching on me – not only the asanas he walked me through, but the pranayama as well as the fruitful discussions we’ve had. More and more voices in the West realize Yoga is beyond the physical, yet few have the potential to go there! Yogi Ram does and we are blessed to have him so close!
It seems like I found the Teacher. Or did he find us all?


Love and gratitude!


It’s funny how when you actually ask the universe for something it guides you in the right direction. I came to Yogi Ram in a difficult time in my life and was searching for someone or something to help. I had read a book about a woman’s experience is using yoga/meditation to heal her soul and set out on a mission to find the kind of teacher I was looking for and it ended up practically being in my backyard!

Wonderful things have happened since I started about 9 months ago. Overall I have more energy and focus in my daily life. I am able to apply the techniques in situations that are stressful and take better control. I have even healed some nerve damage in my tongue caused from removing my wisdom teeth. The doctors told me 15 years ago it most likely would not come back if it didn’t heal with in the first 2 to 3 years. Within 3 weeks of beginning pranayama I had feeling and taste in entire tongue.

But probably the most amazing thing for me is the silence in my head. I am a person who always has noise around them –  thoughts and worry racing in my head and to do lists a miles long – and I have never been able to turn those off. I struggled with finding clarity in all the junk racing through my head and focus on what really matters. Since I have started the practice with Yogi Ram – for the first time in my life I am able to find a place of calm and peace within myself which is new to me since I always thought I needed to find that place in the outside world.  Silence is actually calming and peaceful to me now where it once was uncomfortable. I know I still have much work to do, but know that I will be able to get there with Yogi Ram’s teaching and guidance.


Dana Harder,
Marketing Director, tekservePOS


My first MDS class was a series of what seemed simple movements followed by a short meditaton. It was completely different from the sometimes physically challenging Hatha I had been practicing. When Yogi Ram completed the class, I felt a subtle numbness and tingling I was so relaxed. It was learning to relax had originally brought me to yoga. The result sparked my curiosity and I wanted to learn more. That first class was just a glimpse of what I was going to experience learning MDS.


There has been a multi level benefit from my doing this practice. That first class taught me the beginning of a series of asanas followed by a breathing practice that I now do everyday. During the asanas, the syncronized breathing and body movement completely unplugs my mind from the usual chatter. It is very, very relaxing. Because the asanas focus on the spine, the flexibility in my spine has notably increased. I can now comfortably do asanas I did not think I ever would. This in itself is amazing to me. My posture has greatly improved. My back and spine really feel wonderful. In addition, the subtle numbness and tingling I had experienced has remained and increased as I continued to do the MDS. It is a wonderful energizing feeling that I can not really convey in words. The relaxed energized sensation maintains a slight presence throughout the day. A calmness that is still so new to me I can’t help but be aware of it.


I’ve learned that yoga is connecting the mind, body and spirit. I sincerely believe this practice does just that. It is a quality of life enhancer that has really made a difference for me.


Jason Noto
Creative Services Design Manager
Apple Vacations
Elk Grove Village, IL. 60007


I have been doing the MDS with Yogi Ram for six months. It does not make sense that the gentle twists and breath coordination we do in his class can have such a dramatic effect on health and well being. The poses are so easy! I definitely feel better than usual physically and I always feel fantastic after taking the class. Practicing the breathing techniques have helped me find a place to go when under stress. I just do my breathing and I find I can think more clearly about whatever is going on. I look forward to adding on to the practice.


Patricia Davis Brooks
Apple Vacations
VP Reservations and Administration


I’m interested in yoga since I was 17. I was reading books about yoga, practicing Hatha yoga some times, but nothing serious. The whole time I was looking for my Guru.

Finally I found him.


I met Swamigi  6 mounts ago. Since I saw him for the first time I felt this specific connection between Guru and student (I can’t describe it with words). Before that I was drinking alcohol, double shot espresso “to wake up” every morning, eating everything without order, arguing with the people around me – not very nice person. Since I met Yogi Ram everything changed. I started to practice MDS and Pranayama every day. I was following Yogi Ram’s instructions about food, breathing, focusing very strictly and blindly. I was accepting everything what was happening. I wasn’t trying to explain my self anything – I was just enjoying the feeling.


Now I’m the happiest man in the world, I eat only organic food; combine the food in the right way, practice my Kriya every day. After my practice in the morning my day is full with bliss, focus and positive energy (I can’t describe with worlds this specific feeling) . I love everything and everybody around me. And the most interesting part is that is getting better and better like a good wine. I can not wait to the next morning to fill something new, doing the same practice every day. It’s simply amazing. Yogi Ram gave me what I was looking for all my life. Thank you for everything Swamigi.


Borislav ( Bulgaria)


I’ve done different types of yoga over the years, all posture based. The first time, I did this class, I thought ” well, that didn’t even break a sweat.” Then I went home, slept for eight hours straight and woke up in exactly the same position I fell asleep in. Needless to say, I went back for more.


As we learned more of the techniques and started the breathing, I felt a little guilty – how in the world could something so easy, create such an immense sense of relief, relaxation and exuberance. I had tried some forms of meditation before but never seen benefits like this. Everything becomes so much easier if you take a moment, take a breath and remember your practice. I’ve found that little things which used to drive me insane day to day just don’t register anymore and when faced with a truly stressful situation, I have a stronger sense of what I need to carry me through it calmly.


I’d recommend this class to everyone. The techniques that help you find your inner joy are so simple and so within your reach.


Gina Baumrucker
Senior Operations Manager
Apple Vacations


Namaste, I would to share my experience with yogi Ram and his teachings.

I am very thankful and grateful to Yogi Ram who helped me achieve the best things in my life.

First let me start of by saying that I have not seen a person like Yogi Ram in US.
He is the one of the most simplest man I have ever seen in my whole life. He is here with a purpose and his only purpose is yoga.
I have not seen or heard of any person who is in US and who has basically no other interests except to do service.
I wanted to say all this because I want to convey how pure he is how much he will unconditionally help us out to have a good life.
I also would like to talk a little bit about yoga and belief. As far as my knowledge goes Yoga is a very big science. I always grew up believing that yoga is very powerful, but I did not have any first hand experience with an Authentic Yoga instructor. It will be a little hard for a normal person to understand the logic behind yoga which is completely normal. But belief is the key in yoga. You have to completely believe/trust the yoga guru.
Guru Yogi Ram is very very knowledgeable. You are in very good hands when under Yogi Ram’s guidance and he can help you achieve a lot of good things.
2 years back I was diagnosed with hyper Thyroid and sleep apnea. I was not able to sleep well at night .
I started to take medication for thyroid and over a course of time my thyroid levels were normal and I was able to sleep a little better. One of my friend started doing yoga with Yogi ram and he advised me to join. In the beginning I resisted a little bit but finally decided to give it a shot.
The teaching of Yogi Ram is very very authentic – Even in India where Yoga is born you will not find any instructor close to what yogi ram is teaching, leave alone yoga in America. He emphasizes so much on basics like MDS and Pranayama.
He always told me that yoga helps thyroid issues but In the beginning I found it a little hard to believe because in the modern medicine there is no cure for Thyroid except to be on medication for life.

After I did yoga continuously for about 6/7 months I went to regular checkup to get my thyroid levels checked and the doctor was very surprised to see my levels improve and the practice particularly pranayama helped me sleep better and I also feel a lot better than I felt before I joined yoga. For a few months on Yogi Ram’s guidance, I was able to cut down the medication I take to half and I feel so much better.
Now I definitely believe that if I keep doing yoga, I will be able to get rid of the medication in a very short period of time. I feel so much better that I do not have to depend on a chemical for the rest of my life.
I and My wife were trying to have a baby for about one and half years. When we visited the doctor he said we might have to go for artificial procedures which might because of my thyroid issues or some unknown issues.  I hesitated to talk to Yogi Ram for a long time but finally talked to him about that issue.
He talked to me about that he taught me some yoga asanas and suggested some foods and he told that my wife will conceive in about 3 months.
We did not lose hope and did not go for artificial procedures. I was following what yogi ram suggested and we believed what we always believed in without losing hope
It’s been exactly 3 months and my wife is pregnant.
Because of my consulting career- I had to move from Chicago to Charlotte.
Even though I am not in Chicago – he talks to me over phone and we exchange emails every week. He unconditionally helps me out without expecting anything from me
The amount of personnel attention he gives his students is incredible. His only purpose is yoga and service
I have been doing yoga for about 1.5 years.  I practice a few asanas every morning and I feel very very good throughout the day. I feel very energized and I sleep very well during nights.


Again I would like to thank Yogi Ram for the help and support he gave me.


Deepak  – Software Consultant, Charlotte.


“I am proud to be one of the first students of Yogi Ram in America. His teachings had a direct impact on my life. I have seen a dramatic decrease in my stress levels, my body feels much better than what it was few years ago and my relationships with people around me is flowering each day.  I really do not want to write much because I want people to come and experience the true yoga and lead a blissful life. I want to thank Yogi Ram for unconditionally sharing his knowledge, love and passion for yoga with all of us.”


SATISH, Software engineer, Chicago, IL.


When I was 15 I started heaving health problems in my stomach and colon. The symptoms varied from feeling bloated, blood with the stool, wounds in the colon and uncomfortable/painful feelings in different parts of my belly after eating. The doctors were not well able to diagnose it exactly but said it was probably Collitus Ulcerosa, a diseases related to Crohn’s disease. I soon found out that the medications did not treat the cause of the problem and they did not make me feel good at all. So my intuition told me to stop them.
After that I tried different diets, but none of them really worked. Last year I found Yogi Ram’s yoga class trough friends. Initially I did not go there to heal my health problem. But I noticed that the yoga made me feel so much better. He told me he would help me overcome my disease. Now I can say that after only 6 weeks of intensive yoga practice with Yogi Ram, his food advice and a herbal medicine from India he made, all the symptoms I had, have decreased so much in so little time that I am confident that I will come out of this problem. I’m feeling better and healthier every day. I recommend any one with similar stomach issues to try this yoga.


Thank you Yogi Ram.
Lotte – Holland.


I want to thank Yogi Ram for introducing me to his Authentic Indian Yoga practice.  The practice is peaceful and relaxing.  As a longtime student of Iyengar Yoga and Yang style Tai Chi I am familiar with energy work.   I am amazed at the amount of energy I experience as a result of Yogi Ram’s instruction.


Professional  classical musicians such as myself are prone to suffer back problems due to excessive sitting in unnatural positions.  The practice of MDS has gone a long way towards alleviating my pain and stress.


Yogi Ram’s teaching style is gentle, thorough, and supportive.  His kind humor makes class a joy to attend.   The breathing practice and pranayama fill me will positive feelings.  I  highly recommend  Sree Sakthi Authentic Indian Yoga to all students young and old..Come feel the bliss!


Dan – Musician, Houston , Texas.


GURU (Sanskrit); “Dispeller of Darkness”

I discovered Yogi Ram serendipitously last summer when, like so many times before, I walked right past his studio in Arlington Heights.
But for the first time, on that particular day I actually noticed his presence. Was it Karma? I like to think so. I’m a long-time student of Iyengar yoga, but even after 30 years of regularly attending classes and becoming adept at hundreds of postures, I was still frustrated at not being able to create a consistent daily personal practice. Yogi Ram has changed that. I’ve found his innovative MDS method to be a simple, clear, easy-to-learn practice that brings beneficial results I
could feel after the very first session. Based on the principle that the spinal column is the conduit from which all life force flows, these twisting poses generate vital energy in the body, and in combination with pranayama and meditation bring together the blissful union of mind, body and spirit that is Authentic Indian Yoga.
FOCUS…”Be Here Now”
The Practice has increased my ability to concentrate. I’m learning how to still and quiet the fluctuations of my thoughts in order to begin to regulate my mind. This is huge!! Through the Practice I have cultivated a new ability to distinguish the sacred (inner) from the profane (outer.)
As a professional musician (violinist and singer) I can already discern an added dimension to my music making. On a practical level this means being able to sing or play a phrase with ease and grace without concern about running out of breath or bow. But most importantly, each day when I begin the Practice, no matter how agitated my present state of my mind, body, and spirit, by the end of the Practice I always feel relaxed and energized with a restored sense of
peacefulness and well-being.
Yogi Ram displays not a trace of arrogance or condescension. No matter what the student’s level, he shares freely his understanding of the oneness of all life and humbly imparts this knowledge with kindness and boundless patience to all who sincerely seek these profound universal truths.
As I embark on this lifelong journey of enlightenment and self-awareness, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Yogi Ram for helping light the path of return to the source of my soul.


Marcia Sterling,  Musician, residing in Houston, TX